Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2. hang-ups

I'm reading a book about organizing, It's Here... Somewhere. Don't we all have books on decluttering and organizing sitting on our often over-stuffed shelves? lol I especially like this book's mantra... shovel, don't shuffle. It's all physics. You can only fit so much stuff in any given space. No amount of organizing will help if there's just too much stuff to begin with. Get it out, don't just move it around!

Today, it's something that's been replaced and hadn't made it out the door quite yet.

My coat tree.
The cabinet behind used to live in my bedroom but since I've been sorting through my clothes, I no longer needed it taking up space there. It's now in the livingroom and makes a wonderful coat closet. I like this coat tree but without an entry/foyer, there's just never a good place for it where it doesn't feel like it's in the way... and really, who wants to look at coats all the time?

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