Thursday, December 29, 2011

4. shake it up

You can have too much of a good thing.

My mother collects salt and pepper shakers and when I was younger, I had a decent small collection myself. About 5 years ago, I moved from Alaska back to the lower 48 and got rid of most of my possessions, shipping only what I thought most important to keep. Most of the S&P collection didn't make the trip, but I did keep a select few. Now that I'm working hard to downsize, it's time to once again cull the herd.

Say goodbye...

Gifts from a good friend.

That was a start. I took another look, thought about it and the two above were joined by three more.

Leaving just two in my "collection." Funny thing, I hadn't even filled a set of shakers since I moved because I use it so infrequently. I placed one of the remaining sets in the sink to wash so it can be filled and be put out to use and enjoy. I find fewer items in a collection makes the collection more meaningful and more enjoyable since they can be seen as individuals and used for their intended function. =)

What collection do you have that has gotten out of hand? Or do you have a collection of something you're no longer "into" still taking up precious real estate in your home?


  1. Over the years I have pared down my figurines & books. So that is good. It's the cards, photos, brochures from vacation (such as from a museum or a play) that are a jumbled mess. Now that you have challenged me, a binder or archival box and some time would be all it takes. :) thanks, Karen!

  2. It'll be worth the time, Janelle! I too have a similar collection of items from my travels after working a travel job for a few years. It's all in files in a file box but I need to get them into my scrapbook. One more thing on the list of things to do once work slows down a bit. =)


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