Friday, December 30, 2011

5. whisk it away

This morning while I was waiting for the kitties to finish eating, I looked over at the counter near my stove. I love to cook, I especially love to bake. These "loves" have resulted in far too many utensils entering my home in my constant search for what works the best and sometimes as gifts or as a "bonus" along with the purchase of another item. This wouldn't be so bad if the extras had made it out the door just as quickly as the replacements came in... but they didn't. Part of the problem was that I lived for just over three years with the majority of my possessions in storage across the country and had to replace some items to use in the meantime since the kitchen I was using wasn't so well-equipped for actual cooking. I have a nice bamboo utensil "bucket" that has a built-in lazy susan. I love it. It's packed full. I hate getting anything out of it. See the problem? I have a solution.

Today's items:
I had a set of whisks with thicker (more comfy) handles in storage. These, along with my duplicate potato masher, can now go away. And these:
well, I just had way too many once combined. I kept mainly bamboo utensils and a plastic soup ladle and pasta server that I don't have bamboo or other non-plastic alternatives for just yet.

What's lurking in your utensil drawer that would be best headed to a new home?


  1. Found my way over here from Ravelry, and you are so right in so many ways. Duplicates are the bane of my life, because thanks to my wartime Nan, I can never throw anything away in case I need it again some day. Why would I want to send all my extra kitchen stuff to a charity shop (UK version of goodwill), when I might break something tomorrow and need it?

    I'm learning to do it though, mainly because as someone pointed out to me, if I toss it and then find I need it, I can go back to the charity/goodwill shop and buy it back. So the charity benefits again :) And if I don't need it - hey, no loss!

    Tomorrow I'm going to sort out my big box of kitchen stuff - we've just moved house - and anything that's duplicated is going straight in a box to donate!

  2. Exactly! Let someone else store the extras! Moving is the perfect time to sort - set up your new kitchen with only those items you truly want/need and get rid of the extraneous. I did this a bit when I moved but not nearly as much as I should have so I'm working through mine now. =)


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