Monday, December 26, 2011

1. Getting started

It's not about having nothing... or having everything... but having what you need.

I have a tendency to pick up items when I find a great deal and stash them for later and it's gotten out of hand. I'm not at hoarder level (I don't think), but I have way more than I need and I'm learning to let go. I've already gotten a start the past couple months and have already given away/sold/donated quite a few items:
  •  over 300 books
  • a large trash bag of clothing
  • a rolling duffel full of more clothing
  • a television, dvd player and vhs/dvd player
  • lots of movies on VHS
  • tons of CDs
Those are the biggies, there were others... and many more to come. =) I have lofty goals. I'd love to build and live in a very tiny home one day and this journey is a step on that path. What better day to start than the day after new items have come in. My possessions currently fit nicely into a 2-bedroom, 960sqft mobile home - I have a ways to go to my goal! My plan is to get rid of at least one item each day So, join me as I learn to stash less and live more.

Today's item:

From my days working a job on the road, an extra suitcase... full of clothes!

Heading off to Goodwill. =)


  1. Hi Karen,
    Found you from the Rav Clearing the Clutter forum post. Looking forward to hearing more. 300 books is incredible!

  2. Thanks, Janelle! The cookbooks are taking a big hit next. =)

  3. I've had you on my followed blogs for a while but haven't had time to read everything ... so I'm starting now since I'm on a declutter like crazy kick and I'm hoping you can inspire me to move the stuff outta here. (Actually I'm piling it in the basement for a yard sale in April .. probably not smart but oh well). Anyway, I'm like you, I want to move to small house in the next few years and be a minimalist ... the scrapbook stuff just fell victim this weekend! Whew!

    1. Yay! I still haven't completely settled on a small house design yet, but I'm collecting lots of ideas to make things work better/more efficiently for me and in the meantime, unloading all this excess crap. heh I haven't actually hit my scrapbook stuff yet - planning to this week! Thankfully I don't have a ton... but I do have more than I need. =)


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