Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10. whatever blows up your skirt

Yes, this morning found me back in my bedroom closet once again and I continued filling the trash bag I started a couple days ago.
A little more room to breathe in the closet. Over time, my tastes and wardrobe needs have changed. As with many others, I no longer wear the same size I once did so not everything in my closet is wearable - something I'm working on as I sort. I also used to work in an office every day. Now, I work from home which has a slightly different dress code. lol I'm also sorting out most acrylic, polyester and similar fabrics and keeping natural fibers. Definitely makes the sorting simpler!

I've always been skilled at packing a LOT into a small space, but the amount of stuff I'm pulling from this closet is amazing even me. I keep pulling more out and it's still rather full. The floor is pretty clear at this point though so I'm making progress!
The yarn from Sunday made its way to its new owner yesterday too. I'm thinking Sunday will be my day to stash dive and thin the herd throughout this process. It felt so good to see all that yarn go to someone who was so happy to get it. =)

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