Thursday, January 5, 2012

11. a tisket, a tasket, there's one too many baskets

I've had this divided basket for years and years. It's great for separating lights from darks from towels as you toss in dirty laundry, but it takes up a lot of space and with just me here, I don't have so much laundry that I can't quickly sort it as I wash. So even though it weighs practically nothing and basically takes up no space when folded to store, off it goes...
And yes, those are more clothes from my closet heading to Goodwill from another quick sort this morning. =) Combined with the clothing items I'd already bagged up, I had enough to completely fill this whole basket and will be dropping the whole lot off this weekend.

I kept a round pop-up laundry basket and will soon have the floor space needed so it can live in my closet. Right now it has to sit on my washer since my little dog has an issue with it. He's perfectly house-trained... unless that basket is on the floor. Then, every. darn. time. Not sure what the draw is, but taking away the temptation works. In a smaller space, I'll go with just a fabric laundry bag instead though.

I've also formulated a solid plan for shrinking my remaining wardrobe. Since my goal is to have it all fit on the fuzzy metal hangers rather than plastic, each time I remove an item of clothing to wear that is currently on a plastic hanger, the plastic hanger will go straight to the donation box. That way, when I do laundry, I'll have to choose several items a week to donate until I've reached the point where they all fit on the "good" hangers - limited hangers = limited wardrobe. =)

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