Friday, January 6, 2012

12. bowled over

Or rather, over-bowled. =) Back in the kitchen today. I decided before I started all this that I wasn't going to stick to any one area of the house and would simply choose whatever item caught my eye and said, get rid of me!

Today, those items yelling loudest were these:
Just the bowls, the kitty gets to stay. =) 

These have been stored on the top of my upper kitchen cabinets since I moved in 5 mos ago. I haven't used them in all that time, even through the holidays. Being single, I tend to go elsewhere for holiday dinners and these just aren't needed. No more saving things "just in case" I need them later! The space on top of the cabinets is now half cleared. I'm really enjoying seeing the empty spaces starting to pop up here and there around my home!

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  1. I don't have a punch bowl bec I figure mom will always let me borrow hers! (and she has, both times I needed one!)

    There are so many items that yell loudly at me, but of course they all belong to husband! hehehe


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