Saturday, January 7, 2012

13. ohh, spicy!

I finally ordered new spice tins and washed them all yesterday so this morning, I turned this:
into this:

All the old spice jars will be headed into the recycle bin once I've rinsed them out. My mother bought me a glass and stainless steel lazy susan for Christmas and all my spices fit with enough room to spare for the containers of cocoa and baking powder as well. Eventually, I'd like to get magnetic knife bars to hold the spice tins and mount them either to the inside of cabinet doors or under narrow shelving to eliminate the need for stacking, but for now this works very well. 

So, today's items heading to Goodwill:
along with a large dust-collector:
Ahh, a few less pieces of plastic in my home... and a much nicer pantry! =)

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