Sunday, January 8, 2012

14. less stash Sunday (take 2)

That's right, folks! I dove into the stash once again this week. Remember, my goal is to eventually get down to a stash that will fit into my antique camel-back trunk. Right now, I'd need at least three trunks! If I smooshed it... and maybe used space bags to suck the air out. lol But, I'm working on it! Today's not-so-little purge resulted in this:
That's a tall kitchen trash bag - 13 gallons of yarn. heh Curious what's in that opaque bag this week?

How about a whole bunch of 100yd skeins of wool?
Pretty, no? There's also kid merino and kid mohair.
Or maybe a project that's been on needles for literally years?
(Those are my last two skeins of Red Heart.)
Along with a few random balls.
Maybe some more wool?
And last but not least, some sock yarn.
And the containers they're in too. =)
I'm planning to offer these up to the ladies who either bought or were very interested in my last batch of destash and if not sold to one of them, it'll all go up on craigslist. This takes me pretty much through the "easy" part of the yarn destash. It'll get interesting after this...

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