Monday, January 9, 2012

15. kitchen on a diet

Last week, I sorted through my kitchen and started pulling items out of cabinets that could go. I put them all up on craigslist as a lot at a great price. It all went away to it's new home today.
Wanna see what left today?

Two full bins of cookie cutters, leftovers after a drastic culling...
a stack of cookbooks, some bowls, a bunch of candy/chocolate molds...
extra baking pans...
a Rubbermaid bread keeper that just took up entirely too much space...
and finally, some excess baked goods storage containers...
and a form for making cupcakes in the shape ice cream cones. I also threw in some items I've already posted the past few days that I'd intended to donate. The buyer just moved up from Texas and apparently left most of her stuff behind. She seemed pleased with her haul... and I'm more than happy to have my living room back. =) I also have my car back since I made a run to Goodwill and unloaded it finally. All ready to start loading more in tomorrow!

Total from sales so far this year: $300
(includes both batches of yarn)


  1. Ha ha ha ... I have 3 bags full of cookie cutters! Yikes! I'm drooling over your stuff as I'm trying to get rid of my own ... that's sick huh? ;)

    1. You're not the first to say "ooh, I could use that" while reading one of these blogs. Can't recall the blog, but someone had a set of nesting baskets with lids... man, I could use those! lol I'm trying to get rid of as much plastic as possible and using baskets/boxes instead. So far, I've had all I need other than jars for dry food storage though.


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