Tuesday, January 10, 2012

16. one in, one out

Yesterday, I received packages from my sister and my mother with my birthday gifts in them. My sister sent me a set of measuring cups that are varying sizes of very pretty tea cups. They're washed and ready to use so these:
quickly made their way into the donation box. =)

It's also trash day and while going through my yarn on Sunday, I discovered I had a bin full of old trade magazines, mostly from the organization I have my medical coding certification through. Yeah, I had for some reason thought I needed to keep these? I stored them for 3+ years while I lived across the country. I never read the paper copies anyway since the organization keeps the digital PDFs online. The print mag is part of our membership... I really need to see if it's possible to opt out of getting the print version. Between the usual cans from the cat food, the boxes my gifts were sent in, the emptied spice jars and these:
my recycle bin is overflowing today! =)

Now, off to send an email to see if opting out is an option...

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