Wednesday, January 11, 2012

17. puzzled

While I was in the closet in my craft room with the yarn on Sunday, I noticed some items on the upper shelf that really didn't need to be there. Now, they're not. =)
Really cute puzzles. I have cats. Cats and puzzles do not mix well. They try to help. =^..^=
Little bears that came with my medical coding books the past couple years. Yes, not only did I keep these for no reason but I moved them across the country last Fall. heh This is the last time I'm moving them. =)
Then I hit the shelf in the living room.
Really pretty, but I have no good use for them since I rarely burn candles.
Candles and cats, they mix about as well as cats and puzzles... but the damage isn't just a chewed piece of cardboard.
No more dusting any of those!

Back to the kitchen...

Come on, who doesn't have too many vases hiding in the cabinet?
I did keep a few... for now.

After my trip to Goodwill Monday, I placed a box in the back of my Jeep for items destined for donation. It's starting to fill up. =)

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