Thursday, January 12, 2012

18. feed me

I emailed the organization I have my medical coding certification through about the possibility of opting out of receiving the print magazines each month in favor of using the digital version online as I already do. They happily put through the request and I shouldn't be getting any more after a month or two. =) Nowhere could I find that this was an option, but it never hurts to ask. So there's some future clutter avoided! I also met up with the lady who bought my destashed yarn yesterday. Makes me want to go through the yarn again... =)

As for today... I continued in the cabinet above the stove and found these:
Love the elevated set of pet dishes but due to a gastro issue with one of my cats, I can no longer free-feed dry food... or feed dry food at all actually. Fine really since the canned food is actually better for them anyway. No sense having this taking up twice the space of just a water dish. The smaller stainless steel bowls (there are three there) were the alternate set for when the others were being washed, but none of these make good cat food bowls when using canned food due to the angle and height of the sides. Best thing I've found? A set of shallow china bowls picked up at a thrift store. Go figure. 

The bigger bowl was the communal water dish when I still had two dogs. Mugsy's old food dish is now the new water dish and this one will be going to a new home. It's been a little over 4 mos since my 14yo lab mix Mugsy passed. I'm finally ready to start going through his stuff and passing it along.

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