Friday, January 13, 2012

19. in the nick of time

Heading to the vet with my 14yo kitty this morning - wish us luck! - and I grabbed these:
to give to the clinic to use in their kennels. I bought inexpensive towels for our trip across the country last fall. I kept two for doggie baths and after trips out in the rain, the rest are now gone and I have the space under my sink back. =)

I also tossed this:
into the donation box.
I give myself a time limit when I try to sell items so if they don't sell within a set amount of time, I load 'em up and they get donated. I've had this dog door:
up for sale on craigslist for awhile now. It had gotten a little interest but no one that actually showed up with cash. It's been sitting in my living room since I brought it in from the shed to photograph it for the ad and I decided when I took the next load of stuff to Goodwill, this was going too... or not. I sold it finally last night. =) Nice heavy-duty dog door but it's way too big for my 9 lb dog. It's now in its new home giving a sweet sheltie better access to her yard.

Total from sales so far this year: $350 =)

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