Monday, January 16, 2012

22. a recipe for success

Yesterday while talking to my mother on the phone, the conversation turned to our shared habit of having an over-abundance of cookbooks. Like most of us, I have a few favorites I turn to on a regular basis. I also have a ton of others I rarely (if ever) refer to. I previously got rid of most of my non-vegetarian cookbooks, but there were still some lurking on my shelves. Not long before starting this blog, I donated 60 more cookbooks pulled from my shelves. Last night, I nearly emptied the bottom shelf of the bookcase containing my cookbooks and started flipping through them to see what I could part with this time around.
So far:
I've been vegetarian since I was 12 or so. I love to cook/bake, but now that I'm striving to eat a vegan diet, I've found most vegetarian cookbooks to be not-so-useful due to their reliance on cheeses and eggs. It gets old having to substitute constantly and I now have several vegan cookbooks on hand that I really enjoy cooking from so these will be making their way out the door. =)

Do you have more cookbooks than you use on a regular basis?

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