Wednesday, January 18, 2012

24. you spin me right round

Why would someone who doesn't drink coffee need a coffee grinder?
Okay, so I used to use it to grind up cereal for baking. I have a food processor. No more dupes! If I'm only keeping one, it's going to be the food processor since it has so many more uses. This went into the donation box. =)

Every time I open my dish cabinet I see these.
I'm trying to eliminate plastic from my home wherever I can. I left myself one reusable plastic water bottle. That one will also go as soon as I buy myself a glass water bottle to replace it.

I've had this a few years. It's an insulated serving dish. You don't cook in it, you only serve in it.
It seemed like a good idea at the time. lol Seems like a big waste of space now. I don't go to that many potlucks and those that I do, well, I can reheat if need-be. This is off to clutter up someone else's kitchen. =)

Shortly after I moved back to the NW, I purchased a knife set on a really good sale. It came with this block to store the knives:

Problem is, these blocks take up a lot of counter space and house more knives than I use on a regular basis. I'm vegan, I don't use a fillet knife and don't use steak knives for anything often enough to need them at my finger tips at all times. My mother bought me a magnetic knife strip for my birthday - yay! The knives I do use now happily reside on the wall and my counter is much more spacious without this chunk of wood taking up space. =)


  1. Hi Karen - Colleen from 365 things mentioned your blog so I popped over to see it. I like you pictures and accompanying chat. However I'd have thought you would use your coffee grinder for grinding flax seed - or does your food processor do that too? I got a new one for Christmas and am still finding out what it can do. I'm a vegetarian (no eggs) but I do eat milk products and I agree - so many of my vegetarian cook books feature eggs. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Shirls! I have used the grinder for flax seeds in the past, but I usually opt for a different egg replacer when I bake & rarely keep whole flax seeds on hand. I do have a small package of ground flax in the freezer though. =)

  2. Hi! Another 365 things follower here. I love the pictures and progress you are making! What an inspiration. Isn't it great finding like-minded goal setters out there? I too want to live in a tiny house one day but so far I am having trouble finding room to breath in my 1800sq ft place! 4 people 2 pets are in this place so I can't make ALL the purging decisions on my own, but I do try to lead by example... a long way to go yet!
    Again, congrats on your journey, I love it!

    1. Yes! It definitely simplifies things when I'm the only one making the decisions on what stays and what goes. I'm working on a design for the interior for my future tiny home and am working on ways to make it more pet-friendly. It amazes me when I see a family living in a tiny home. I'm not sure I could be that minimalist!

  3. I love the Starbucks glass water bottle. It has a little carrying handle on the flip lid; holds 16 ounces.

    I saw online somewhere how to convert a Mason jar into a travel glass.

    I've got way more plastic than I like. Still on the hunt for a decent hot glass tumbler. (they all have silicone lids & I'm not sure that would taste good.)

    1. I'm trying to find one without plastic. Klean Kanteen makes a stainless steel version without plastic in the lid now. It's a bit pricey, but if I only got one it wouldn't be too bad.


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