Thursday, January 19, 2012

25. the cutting edge

I thought something bigger would be heading out the door today, but the buyer didn't show. *sigh* This is why I often just opt for donating an item rather than attempting to sell it. The item goes away right away (yay!) and the charity benefits from the sale (and stores it until it does sell) and I don't have to wait around for someone who doesn't show up. When I do sell, I price low so it hopefully goes quickly. Ah, maybe tomorrow. Winter finally decided to show up yesterday and is doing a great job making up for lost time.

So instead, I went looking for something else and today these went into the donation box:
Grabbed that last plastic water bottle. I figure without one, it'll motivate me more to get a glass replacement. The plastic cutting boards just needed to go. Now I'm down to just the bamboo ones. =)

And welcome to the new visitors who found me from the 365 Less Things blog! =)


  1. I found your from Colleen! You inspire me... I don't take photos, but I have a list going on my phone, so it's a start!

    Today I bought a (BLUE!!) can opener. So the old silver one is on freecycle. I love all things blue, but mum bought the metal one when I needed one all of a sudden, and hadn't yet found the perfect one. You helped me think of this 'surplus' the minute I bought the new on!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I'm a big believer in "one in, one out." Great job getting that extra can opener out immediately!


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