Friday, January 20, 2012

26. boxed in

Last month was not a good one for me and shopping online. Well, at least not for actually getting what I paid for anyway. I purchased a used book from a third party via Amazon only to discover that the "seller" put up a bunch of bogus listings, took people's money and even went so far as to add bogus tracking numbers so it would appear that the items were mailed. Of course, when checked the tracking numbers showed the items were never actually received by the post office. Nice little scheme at the holidays, huh? Last I saw, there were at least 13 of us. Thankfully, Amazon has a great guarantee and I got my money back after filing a claim earlier this month. I also fell for someone's destash on Ravelry and purchased some bulky wool and a couple skeins that would go with something already in my stash, all at a great price. Do you see where this is going? Yeah, I didn't get that either. The seller wouldn't give me a tracking number when I asked for it (after waiting a couple weeks and no package) and simply said she didn't think she was responsible. Um, yeah. I paid via PayPal... who also has a process for filing a claim. Today, I got an email saying the claim was closed and my full payment was being returned. =) Between the two, that's $70 back in my bank account. Does anyone else think these are both really big signs I shouldn't have been shopping for stuff I didn't need in the first place? lol No, I didn't go back and buy the book again from another seller and in the past month, I've not only greatly decreased the number of books on my shelves, but also the amount of yarn in my stash. Most people out there are honest, but in case you do run into one of the ones who aren't, check and see if there's a way to get your money back too.

As for what left today... Once upon a time, I had two shoe storage units that each held up to 25 pr... and yes, they were both full. After clearing out so many shoes this past Sunday, I no longer needed so much shoe storage so this:
went up on craigslist a couple days ago in search of a new home where it could continue to do its  intended job. Today, it went to its new home. More space in my closet and a few bucks more in my wallet. It was a good day. =)

Total from sales this year: $395


  1. I love your blog, it's ace, Am I allowed to put your link on my page ? Thank you x

    1. Thanks! And sure, you can add a link to my blog. :-)


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