Monday, January 23, 2012

29. it's so FLUFFY!

Some things you hold on to thinking you should, that someday it might come in handy once again. Those things? They're usually better off going away so someone else can use them now.

Back in 2006, I moved from central Alaska to eastern Washington state, getting rid of most of my possessions. I had no bed. I found a great deal on a feather mattress and brought it home to sleep on until I could afford a real bed. I'd apparently forgotten that I don't like feather pillows and soon discovered that I don't like feather mattresses either. They sure look fluffy and comfy... but they flatten out like a pancake. I bought a bed and the feather mattress went into a bag... then into storage for 3 yrs while I was back in the Midwest. I pulled it out once again when I moved back west nearly 6 mos ago, before I could arrange help to move my bed out of storage. Hmm, still not much better than the floor. lol Since the bed got moved in, it's been folded on the living room floor with a blanket over it, serving as a big dog bed. My only dog now is 9 lbs and has plenty of actual doggie beds scattered throughout the house. So today...
is it's last day in my home. Hopefully someone else will find it useful and not mind it's "dry clean only" demands. It's joined by a small stack of magazines I finally had a chance to look through, a book I finished reading, one I started and gave up on and another cookbook, this one sold on Amazon. And I'm using what I got from the sale of the book to order my new non-plastic water bottle. =)

Total from sales so far this year: $415

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