Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30. my littlest fan

I moved this with me from the Midwest, using it briefly before getting my tower fan out of storage. It's a powerful little fan, one so powerful it can only be used on the lowest setting lest you have a desire to constantly be picking up paperwork scattered about the room. =)
It was destined for the donation box in my car... until I took a closer look at the cord and noticed it had been chewed in several places by my mother's cat. =( I'm lucky in that my critters are very good about not chewing on things they shouldn't (other than a cat who loves paper & cardboard, lol). My mother has a cat who chews any cord within reach and this fan used to be hers. So this one made its way to the trash can... half an hr after the trash got picked up of course. lol I hate tossing things that still work, but the cord didn't just need to be cut and the plug replaced, basically the entire cord needs to be replaced. If I cut the cord off and donate it, the charity will likely toss it and I certainly don't want to add to their costs.
Do you have anything sitting around with frayed cords that should be either fixed or tossed?


  1. Nope. Not me! I'm lucky, too, in that my cats are not chewers of cords. What a shame to toss the fan! I still have a cordless phone sitting around (dead battery), but I just hate the thought of it sitting in the landfill...but it doesn't work, so... :P

    1. Yeah, I don't like tossing stuff, but didn't want to donate it as is and risk someone using it like that and the cut cord would likely mean the trash bin at Goodwill. =(


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