Thursday, January 26, 2012

32. intended gifts

I'm really good at finding small things that will make good gifts later... and then forgetting about them. lol I'm limiting myself to one drawer for these items now and only buying for specific people and a specific time frame. I may have found some great deals, but if I buy too much or forget what's there, it's not saving me money and just taking up space. As I sort through these items, if I can't easily attach a name to the item, it's going in the donation box. I decided I've been spending too much time sorting in my bedroom and kitchen so far, so I'm switching my main focus to the craft/storage room to work on clearing some of the excess in there. Today is a mishmash:
Another half dozen books, a few coffee mugs, Dr. Seuss stamps and stickers, teensy angel candle holders and some note pads and a pencil set meant for hand coloring photos - this I was given several years ago and never got around to really trying much and mostly use Photoshop for this type of thing now anyway.

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