Saturday, January 28, 2012

34. stackable

Sometimes cheap is just... cheap.

I bought these pans thinking they would be great for potlucks - cheap enough that if they don't come home, it's no big loss. Problem? They're cheap. No matter what I do, everything sticks to one of these. The other is slightly better but things don't brown evenly in them either. Maybe someone else will have better luck with them. I'll take my chances with my better pans.
These cooling racks have slipped through my last few sorting ventures in my kitchen cabinets, but I'm finally giving them up. Yes, three will stack in the space of one regular rack when in use, but I've found I don't care for the spacing of the bars and these three racks, when folded, take up nearly 3" of space in my cabinet. I also have two cake cooling racks (narrower bars in a grid pattern) that I use constantly - they nest well so they take up barely any space in the cabinet and I rarely need more than two anyway. Should I decide to add more, I'd only need about 1/4" more storage space per rack. They stay, these go.

Before I bought these, I thought I'd love them. I don't, yet I've kept them for years. Is there something in your cabinet that you thought you'd love before you got it, but were disappointed when actually using it? Is it time to let it go?


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    1. Thank you. Phoebe does like to be right in the middle of things. =) I think this is the 2nd photo on the blog she's made an appearance in.

  2. LOL, I just donated a wire cooling rack that has been under my decluttering radar too! I never use it, opting instead for a larger size rack with better spacing. I only finally took notice of that under-used rack after I pushed it aside the other day to get to the cooling rack I really use.

    Never fails, every time I take another look at a room I've already decluttered do I then finally see the giant pink elephants that I somehow overlooked before.

    1. haha There's always more! I think as the amount of stuff decreases, it's just easier to see the individual items. I've been doing this with books. I gave away over 300 last month, yet I keep spotting some that stayed and wondering WHY those made the cut.


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