Sunday, January 29, 2012

35. duped

I love to bake. Others know I love to bake.

Makes sense how I ended up with two of these pans:
Yes, folks, that's the "Amazing Brownie Pan" you've seen on tv. Not so "amazing" when they're taking up half a small cabinet in my kitchen though. I pulled both pans out and decided which one to keep - this one lost. It was joined by a tiny "egg" beater that, for no good reason, avoided the donation box when I went through my utensils awhile back. I kept three nice whisks of varying sizes. This thing is cute, but flimsy.

As for the "Perfect Brownie Pan" that got to stay, I washed it and will try it out to be sure it's worth the cabinet real estate it's been allowed to keep. Yep, I had two and hadn't used either. Every time I thought about using one, I'd realize they hadn't been washed yet and would just use another pan. lol I don't care how "perfect" it is, if it's not clean when I want it, it's not getting used.

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