Tuesday, January 31, 2012

37. infected

No, not me. My work computer has a virus... a bad one. Bad enough that the IT guy couldn't fix it. What does that mean? A day off for me! I work from home and am nowhere near the company I work for so I have to wait until tomorrow to get my replacement. I'm actually a little surprised they're shipping it overnight really. Wish it was paid, but either way, it's a day off I totally wasn't expecting. That means no plans, nowhere I had to be. I ran errands, but didn't have any set plan and wasn't in any rush. I even had time to head across town and hit Trader Joe's. It was a good day. =)

I also stopped by Goodwill and dropped off everything I've loaded into the car the past couple weeks, including this:
I bought this at a thrift store when I lived in Washington before. It went into storage when I left and came back out with everythign else when I moved back. I like it. A lot. I also very rarely drink wine. heh Can't recall ever having more than one bottle in the house. There really is no need for a rack of any sort, esp not one that holds four bottles. I'm sure someone will be pleasantly surprised to find this at Goodwill. =)

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