Sunday, January 1, 2012

7. less stash Sunday

One of my big goals is to drastically reduce my stash. I'd love to get it down to where it will fit into my antique steamer trunk... it's nowhere near that right now. What better way to start the new year than by starting to destash the yarn? So late last night/early this morning, I dove into the stash and took a look through my acrylics. I'm not a huge fan of most acrylic yarn anymore so that seemed like an easy beginning. It's was easier than I thought once I started pulling things out:

I have two full bins plus a bag of Lion Suede and three bags of 10 skeins each. Yeah, I have too much yarn. I made several items from the suede and just had my fill of it. So that's a start on getting yarn that I'll probably never use out of my stash and passing it along to someone who will be happy to have it. I put this all up on craigslist at a ridiculous price so it would go fast and may already have a buyer. =)

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