Monday, January 2, 2012

8. the shirt off my back

Time for a trip into the bedroom with a garbage bag. =)
Not the prettiest photo, but they look better here than stuffed into my closet. =)

I still had a suitcase that hadn't been completely unpacked since I moved... 5 mos ago. It's now empty! My goal was for everything to fit into my closet... as it now does. =) Okay, it's a double-wide closet with 2 drawer units below the hanging items and has a shoe storage rack, but still, much better than where I started! I purchased new hangers on clearance at TJ Maxx yesterday - the only things I bought in there even though I was greatly tempted by the kitchen stuff as always! These are thinner metal hangers with the fuzzy coating so your clothes don't slide off and will be replacing my current hoard of plastic hangers. Since my goal is to drastically pare down my wardrobe, I decided to limit myself and bought only 28 hangers yesterday. Along with the10 already in my closet, that's 38 total... so that's my goal. Coats are on heavier wooden hangers, sweaters in drawers and I have skirt hangers as well, so the 38 will be dresses/pants/shirts of all sorts. I can do that! The first step is to rearrange so that all the like items are together, t-shirts with t-shirts, etc. Right now, the shirts are a mixed-up mess so it's difficult to see what I have too many of. Be sure you'll be seeing plenty more from my closet here very soon.

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