Friday, February 3, 2012

40. plastics purge

I discovered yesterday, I'll have the whole weekend off! First time in about 5 months that that has happened. SO, in anticipation of actually finding more suitable storage solutions this weekend, I'm purging the storage container cabinet this morning:
As I find glass canisters, their plastic counterparts will also be heading to the donation box. Wish me luck!

I also decluttered a bill this morning. I financed my washer and dryer purchased shortly after moving back to the NW. By financing, I got free delivery and set-up and 18 mos with no interest. I have the cash to pay it off and HATE having to remember to make that payment each month, so now I don't have to. Since I pay my credit card off each payday, my only debt left is my auto loan. =)

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  1. So nice to get rid of plastics! I'm working on this very, very slowly, but it's worth it.


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