Sunday, February 5, 2012

42. another plastic purge

Here we go again...
Still working on getting the plastic out of my kitchen. Those are the canisters I've emptied so far.
And the cereal-type canisters too:
Seems excessive, but some of these were purchased for use while I was living in the Midwest and brought back with me when I moved back to the NW and combined with those in storage here. There were a couple of small containers as well that missed getting photographed before heading to the car. As I did with yesterday's steamer, these are also now up for sale as a lot on craigslist... but they're already in the Jeep ready to be donated if they don't sell by my next trip to Goodwill.

I also hit the craft room today as part of a challenge to tackle our "room of doom" this week. My craft room doubles as storage space so there are all sorts of things in there. Here are a few that no longer take up space in this small room I want to love:
A pizza set - unneeded. A cookie press - purchased on clearance, then I later found one in a thrift store I preferred over this one. A set of votive candle holders - I don't burn candles - cats + candles = high probability of bad things happening. A pumpkin basket - cute, but really? A Mr Potato Head set - I have no kids, though I did use it for a funny photo once. And last, but not least, a set of adorable chick egg cups... I no longer eat eggs. heh Expect to see more random items coming out of my "room of doom" this week. You'll never guess what will come out of there tomorrow... even I have no idea!

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