Sunday, February 5, 2012

42.1 a real sheety day

Two posts today! I ventured into the "room of doom"/the craft room agian this afternoon. I cleared out the center of the room so there's space in there again. Whew. There was a bit of rearranging and a bit of putting things where they belong, but there was also some collecting for the next donation run. Here's what headed to the car today:
There are a few random pillow cases that don't match anything, a set of queen-sized flannel sheets that just don't fit my thick mattress well, a set of twin-sized cotton sheets (my bed's a QUEEN) and a set of queen-sized cotton sheets, a set of seriously cute (but crappy) flannel sheets - they're polyester, yuck! I was apparently distracted by the cute sheep and forgot to check the fabric content. There's a stiff acrylic twin-sized blanket and a queen-sized comforter that I received as a gift. My mother saw me stop and look at it and went back and bought it for me for Christmas. What she didn't realize was, I stopped to look and realized it wouldn't work well for me so passed it by. lol She meant well. =) I'm sure someone else will love it. There's a small bag of small stuffed toys. Not even sure exactly where all these came from, but I do know where they're going! The Slinky knock-off came with an item I ordered - no idea why I kept this. There's also parts from a wine set. The wine bottle opener broke quite awhile ago and I replaced it with a different style and it wouldn't fit into the storage box. I took out the bottle stoppers and the rest is heading to Goodwill. A couple of scoops made their way into the mix from the kitchen as well, but otherwise this all came from the craft room. It already feels better in there! =)

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