Monday, February 6, 2012

43. Christmas in February?

Well, a Christmas purge anyway. Working again on my "room of doom" and decided since work has apparently mostly given me the day off, I'd tackle the Christmas bins. There were 3 - one small file box size and two bigger ones @20 gal each. Now? There's one. Yes, ONE. I kept the one non-see-through bin, packed it with what I really wanted to keep... and everything else is heading to Goodwill. =)
It's amazing when you pull it all out and see what's in there. Multiple boxes of Christmas cards, some partially used, others unopened. Strings of lights - mostly with white cords or clear bulbs, neither of which I really like. Coffee mugs picked up on clearance years ago with the intention of making up hot cocoa mix for gifts... never happened and I work from home now. An elf hat. A moose stocking - I plan to knit myself a stocking and never really liked this one. He's cute, but so hard to stuff and with just me here, the dog's not going to stuff it - no rush in knitting one. lol There's a tea gift set I never found an appropriate person to give it to and a couple plastic bins meant for cookies. I mostly do cookie jars now using mixes so they can be enjoyed later in the year rather than when everyone's homes and offices are already overflowing with baked goods. The napkin holder/oven rack stick on the left are so cute and were a gift many years ago from my mother - both hand-painted, picked up at a craft fair. I've never once used them. I don't use paper napkins so these are both going as well. Someone is sure to love these! A candle holder and toy reindeer round things out. There were a few pieces of holiday polar fleece in one bin as well. Those were pulled out and put with the rest of my fabric so they can be used up. Ahhhh, so happy to have my Christmas items condensed! I've been planning to do this for months but hadn't had the time. =)

Do you have any extras in your holiday decorations? Things you no longer love? Things you're holding onto simply because someone you love gave them to you? Of course, it's more convenient to sort as you unpack or repack your decorations, but that time of year can get pretty hectic. No time like the present!


  1. Wow, thanks for jogging my memory about the Christmas cards. I know I still have a few orphan boxes up in the attic hiding out that need to go.

    Honestly, I stopped sending out Christmas cards 3 or 4 years ago. Just didn't send anymore to anyone. Turns out it was really easy to not send any cards. I mean really easy!

    Yeah, I'll send e-cards to a select few but otherwise I'm over the Christmas card tradition. Plus, I never knew what to do with Christmas cards I received.

    Keep them? and do what with them?

    Climb into the attic in mid-July in the oppressive heat & take a look see at the old cards for a mid-year dose of Christmas cheer? uh no.

    Repurpose into some crazy craft project? umm yeah no.

    Gaze upon the cards the following Christmas as I unpack all the holiday tidings & reminisce over last years' Christmas? double no.

    I do what I do every year. When Christmas decorations came down, the Christmas cards got trashed (well up until recycling came about).

    Christmas cards are sweet yes & there are some gorgeous cards (MOMA always has some awesome cards), but they are wasteful & (in my opinion) an out-dated "tradition" who's time has come & gone.

    1. I completely agree, which is why I now have NO Christmas cards. I thought briefly of keeping one set for this year, until I admitted to myself I won't send them. lol I haven't sent cards in years and most of my friends don't either. I still get a few photo cards from family with young kids - those are much appreciated since I live nowhere near them, but I'd be perfectly happy with digital versions. =) I have a hard time justifying cards for birthdays and such. I'd rather spend the money on something not headed straight to the trash. Let's just say, I love the 99 cent card section!

    2. So I made it up into the attic today & tackled the old remaining Christmas cards. I had recalled having maybe 3 or 4 total boxes....turns out I had a 12 boxes. Yeah some were all ready opened but still...12 boxes? Sheesh! So I put them in the donate box.
      So while I was up in the attic, I went ahead & finished up digging through all my Christmas stuff. I only had a few more items I have been on the fence about & ended up parting with 1 of the 2 holdouts.
      I also finally managed to properly pack away my Halloween ceramic pumpkins with bubble wrap. I even labeled the storage boxes all nice & proper like.

      On a whim though...I grabbed one of the boxes of childhood stuff I've been dragging around for years. Stuff like my baby clothing, souvenirs from places I have been/lived & stacks & stack & stacks of greeting cards I kept from everyone who ever gave me one since I've been in my late teens it would seem.

      I only kept 1 little baby dress & the rest (15 or so items) got trashed/donated. I have no recollection of those clothes except the 1 little 60's mod dress which I do remember & there's a family portrait with me wearing that little dress. I went ahead & photographed the other little clothes for whatever reason but have no problem getting rid of the actual clothes.

      I quickly went through every greeting card & kept only the ones I had a very vivid happy memories of, otherwise I ended up recycling close to 325 old greeting cards. It's not that I wanted to keep all those cards all these years, it just happened that way. I doubt my Mom told me to keep them as she gets rid of all cards within a week or two!

      The souvenirs were easy. A few autographed items & funky looking snow globes I'll hold onto until I see if they are worth selling or not otherwise I trashed/recycled/donated the rest of the souv's - which amounted to travel/tour brochures, books of matches, receipts from tourist traps, etc. Space wasters. Pure & simple.

      Maybe tomorrow I'll go back up in the attic & tackle the other big box of childhood stuff. Oy!

    3. That is awesome! I've never been one to hold onto cards for long, but I have found a few along the way to declutter. As for those Christmas cards, I think they breed in the dark. lol I traveled for work for a few years and have my share of those tourist trap trinkets. heh I mostly stuck with magnets though so at least there's not a ton of that kind of stuff to deal with.

  2. We finally got rid of my huge, messy Christmas wreath when we moved. Turned out my husband had hated it all along and never told me! Must remember to ask the husband what he thinks I should declutter.

    Now, on to those Xmas cards you talk about (the ones I've stockpiled for three years and never sent)...thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Aww, sweet that he never told you he hated it, but yay that it's gone now! =)

  3. I tried so hard to declutter my Christmas stuff when it came time to pack it up. I had successfully pared down a rather large box of stuff for donation, but my sentimental boys spied it and brought back out almost a third of it with teary eyes over how much they LOVED the things... I gave in of course, so those items have at least one more year.

    I still send cards, I like getting them for one, and its the only correspondence I get from a good portion of my family spread all across Canada (I don't do social sites).

    1. Hmm, will those boys be getting Christmas care packages when they move out?


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