Tuesday, February 7, 2012

44. Happy Halloween!

Yeah, yeah, I'm a few months early. I made so much progress on the Christmas decor/stuff yesterday, I decided to stick with the holiday theme another day.
Oh, my. Let's see... There are three different Halloween serving/cookie trays there, a spider lace witch's hat, a dancing skeleton candy bowl, light-up eyes that suction to a window, a battery-operated pumpkin light, two sets of jack-o-lantern lights and a plastic bat cookie container. Oh, and a plastic dancing skeleton trick-or-treat bag. In non-holiday clutter from the room of doom and the kitchen, there's another set of plastic canisters thanks to finally picking up a set of canning jars yesterday to use for food storage. Behind the hat are three 1" binders and a an insert meant for scanning negative. There are a few little plastic storage boxes, funnels, a new bath brush, a little novelty bag and one more old pillow case, three adorable matted prints I've had for years but never framed/hung... and a cat clock. That last one was another item I accepted from my mother simply to get it out of her house. Now, it's out of mine as well. =)

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