Wednesday, February 8, 2012

45. boxes

Whew! Amazing what a few days off will do for decluttering! I'm taking part in a challenge posted by a member on a decluttering message board on Ravelry this week and have been putting my focus on my craft/storage room. I'm amazed at the difference in there already. It's a small room, but had become a catch-all for anything I didn't have a place for or anything I just wanted out of the way... in addition to its intended purpose as a craft room. I did most of the wire shelf unit the past couple days and decided to rearrange a bit today, using the newly emptied space on the shelf to get my photography equipment off the floor. There were still a few boxes stacked in the corner from my move last fall too - things that had never found a home. I pulled them into the living room to sort through:
That stack of bins in the back? Those are ones I've emptied the past few days! =)
After a little time sorting, I came up with a nice pile ready to go:
Okay, the expired cereal and oven mitt came from the kitchen. Otherwise, it's all from those boxes. Two computer keyboards, a set of computer speakers, a CF card reader, a CD player bag, a cordless phone (haven't had anything but a cell in at least 4 yrs), a stadium seat (never used, gift from old job), two camer a straps, two dog harnesses, two dog nail trimmers, two citrus bark-stopping collars (bought used, never even tried them), a book, a luggage strap, a pull-up bar, a Happy New Year star headband and a dog turtle costume (the dog it was intended for passed before Halloween this past year).

Another load of physical (and some emotional) clutter out the door. =)

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