Wednesday, February 8, 2012

45.1 progress

I've gotten at least half of the stuff sorted that I pulled out of the former "room of doom" this morning and I've filled the plastic laundry basket with things headed to Goodwill:
Sheesh! The basket itself is going, as are another set of plastic canisters that have been replaced with glass canning jars, a universal tv remote (I have no tv!), a couple air pumps (I've been through a few exercise balls thanks to kitties and their claws and each comes with another pump), a small exercise ball, a gift nail care kit, an mp3 player, a set of stick-on convex mirrors, another bath brush (this one's used so going to the trash), a sisal back scrubber, panty hose (I work from home!), binder organizers, a plastic shoebox, a plastic organizer box, a small desk organizer I used with the phone, a few items of clothing, a glove box organizer, a couple small stuffed toys and a bunch of random computer connections and wires.

I'm down to three boxes from the craft/storage room still to go through... tomorrow! =)


  1. LOL about ditching the panty hose. I haven't worn hose in decades. I told someone back in the late 80's that the next time I wear pantyhose it best be because I'm about to rob a bank! LOL

    1. I wore them on occasion while I was traveling for work but mostly gave up on them in favor of more sensible shoes since I never knew if I'd have to haul my roller office bag up/down stairs. I kept a few knee highs so I can try felting some wool balls for use in the dryer.


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