Thursday, February 9, 2012

46. the last of the bulk?

Back to work today so I'm really glad I got such a great start on the "room of doom" earlier in the week. =) This evening after finishing my paid work for the day, I dove into those last three boxes. Turned out two of the three were only about half full and the third was half full of padded envelopes. heh Didn't take too long. The contents were more "put away" than "give away"... at least for now. I have a whole stack of photos I need to scan from my pre-digital days so those can go, but I did end up with a few things to add to the donation box:
Two plastic baskets, an AFLAC duck and a couple other small stuffed animals (the bear was sold as a bird snuggle toy but my cockatiel never liked it - haven't had a bird in years so why did I still have this bear?), a black rose, a stack of socks I never liked, a sweatshirt and cotton sweater, a new (with tag) pair of gloves (a gift that doesn't go with any coat/jacket I own), a pet brush my pets loathe and a rubber brush meant to remove hair from furniture (my mother has sent me THREE of these now and I'm not sure I've ever used any of them), a small plaque with the serenity prayer, a couple of cinch-able straps, a hair dryer attachment that concentrates the air stream (my hair is wavy/curly - I have never used this thing), an @ letter opener, a stress ball (from a job that did nothing but give me stress), and a golf ball from?? I'm sure there was some game of putt-putt this was a souvenir from. lol

Okay, I did also shred/recycle a stack of papers and tossed a small stack of pictures (why does my mother send me blurry photos of her flowers? and why did I not toss them immediately??), but I was definitely surprised at the small amount going out from those three boxes. I started decluttering not long after moving in here in August 2011 and really put more effort into it the couple months before starting this blog 46 days ago. I'm so proud of myself for getting the bulk of the extra crap out of my house and look forward to continuing these efforts... one item at a time. =)


  1. Wow...I'm in awe. Truly! And very motivated by your continuing declutter. I don't have nearly that much stuff, and STILL feel somewhat overwhelmed, but it's getting done a bit at a time. Perhaps the trick is to just stick to one item per day, rather than a mass declutter...Hmm. I find that rubber gloves or a damp rag take pet hair off furniture just fine.

    1. Thanks! I've been working hard. I'm nowhere near done, but at least the big bulk of it's done and I shouldn't need to do multiple trips to Goodwill in one week anymore. heh I was there Monday and dropped off two boxes and a laundry basket full today... after watching someone in front of me try to tie a very large piece of furniture into their van with what appeared to be a piece of string... I hope they made it home!

  2. Funny thing is if you are to go back through the same areas (or boxes if there remains any) in say another month or so, you'll be surprised how much more stuff you don't need.
    I barely proclaim one room done before I'm back in it again looking for just "10 more useless things".
    I ended up completely itching an entire 3 drawer plastic "filing" cabinet that was slam full of office supplies a few weeks ago. I have yet to miss it. I can't tell you the last time I needed to paperclip something or staple something or use White-Out on something or write on a dry erase board or need a manilla folder for. I kept that stuff just in case & because we've always had that stuff. My childhood home always had an abundance of those things because back in those days we did use them but we also had telephones attached to the kitchen wall with a rotary dial & everything!

  3. Replies
    1. lol Darn typos. Oh, yes, I'm far from finished. I'm not proclaiming the room done by any means. I don't think I'll ever be done, it'll be a continuous process. I know there's a lot more that can (and will) go, but with the bulk of it done, I can go at a slower pace now without going crazy. =) I'm still committed to finding at least one item a day that can go away. Office supplies... I keep some padded envelopes for mailing any books I sell or small items (great for knits) and have a pack of small binder clips, but other than that and a few pens, that's about it. I ditched a whole bunch of random computer cords this week too. I'm not using them now with everything set up so why keep them? lol


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