Monday, February 13, 2012

50. laptop clutter

Amazing what working less than 80 hours a week will do for ya! Now that I'm down to one job and past most of the big deadlines for the time being (meaning no OT), I have a lot more free time on my hands. Seriously, it's been so long, I barely know what to do with myself with all this time! Last week, I spent a lot of time working on my craft room... and it really shows! It's so much nicer in there, I actually want to start using it now. I'm planning to use up most, if not all, of my fabric stash - not a ton but more than I need - in the next few months to clear off two shelves of the bookshelves in there. There are two tall bookshelves currently and I'd like to either get rid of one of these or get rid of the shelf that's in my bedroom. More decluttering ahead! I'll be working on the large plastic drawer unit in the craft room as well with a goal of getting rid of that entirely. =)

This morning, I tackled my computer desk in the living room. I have a desktop computer that I used for my 2nd job as well as for my personal use. I also have a laptop I use for job #1. The desk I bought when I moved here is a very small corner style desk, leaving just a small amount of flat surface for anything other than the computer. The flat surface tends to collect mail, papers, random items. This morning, I cleared it off completely so my laptop will now fit on the desk! I've been using the laptop stand that I brought with me, that I'm not so fond of. It works. It's adjustable. The surface isn't quite big enough for the laptop, mouse and 10-key pad to fit well. It also doesn't collapse for easy storage when not in use so it's always in the way, whether I'm using it or not.

Today's item:
Yep! Clearing off the top of even my tiny desk left enough room (barely) for my laptop, mouse and 10-key pad... and it's more comfy to use than this slightly wobbly little table that just takes up too much space. Off it goes to the car... I'm posting it on craigslist, but if it doesn't sell before my next donation run, I'm dropping it off too. This will also be great incentive to keep my desk clear of clutter - I'll have to!


  1. I never thought of leaving my craigslist stuff IN the car! That's waaaay better than my habit of leaving it on the office floor (in the way) until it sells (or not)

    1. At first I was keeping stuff in the house, waiting to see if it sold but found I'd keep giving it more time to sell rather than just getting rid of it. This way, the stuff is already in the car so the next time I go past Goodwill, anything still in the car gets donated. Works for me. =) Oh, and I don't have people come to my house to pick up items that do sell, so good either way.


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