Wednesday, February 15, 2012

52. it's been noted

Last week, I sorted the Christmas stuff and came up with several boxes of Christmas cards. I don't send Christmas cards anymore other than just a few along with gifts to family so these all went in the donation box. This week, I set the goal of getting the plastic drawer unit emptied that's in my craft room - 6 drawers, about 4' tall and 2' wide and full of random crafty and gift stuff. What did I find? More cards.

Today's items:
Random note cards. I've used the ones I liked from the box of miscellaneous cards on the left, the others haven't been opened. I pulled all the random packages of cards from the drawers and laid them all out, chose a couple favorites from the stack (all blank inside) to use as thank yous, birthday cards and such and the rest (above) are going away. Really, did I need this big of a selection on hand? Did I really need cards that were pre-printed with the words 'thank you' in order for them to serve as thank you notes? Nope! Off they go!

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