Thursday, February 16, 2012

53. don't tie me down

I always seem to have an abundance of pet stuff. They're not spoiled or anything. heh I'm working on slimming that stuff down as well. My goal is to have all teh pet stuff fit into one cubic foot fabric bin... including Reilly's sweaters/jackets. It doesn't now... but it will.

Today's item:
A 32' retractable leash that's all webbed leash rather than those cheap cord ones most stores sell. I bought this years ago for my lab mix Mugsy. Mugsy was 35-40 lbs and not much of a puller. I tried this on him once - he wouldn't move. Why oh why did I keep it for so many years? This thing's heavy and apparently built for a bigger dog than he was. Now that I only have a 9-lb dog (and this leash is practically as big as he is!), this is seriously just more clutter taking up space. It took awhile and I got less than I'd hoped, but I finally sold this and it's hopefully actually being used. Wow, did that new owner get a killer deal! =)

Total from sales so far this year: $451


please be kind =)