Sunday, February 19, 2012

56. pack your lunch

While traveling for work, I often saved money by packing a lunch to take to offices with me whenever possible. When really short on cash and in a hotel with complimentary breakfast, I've been known to snag a couple pieces of bread, single serve packets of peanut butter and jelly and a piece of fruit from the breakfast bar for my lunch. My insulated lunch bag kept things cold even when I didn't have access to a refrigerator, but it was a huge pain to pack since it doesn't flatten out. I later picked up a zippered neoprene lunch bag that I like much better and packs away easily.

Today's items:
An insulated lunch bag, a few sandwich and snack containers, plastic utensils, a measuring spoon from a breadmaker long gone and a plastic spork meant for canned kitty food that doesn't work any better than a simple spoon... actually, the regular spoon works better. lol


  1. nicely done! Not only am I a tupperware hog, but I think I have a half dozen lunch boxes. Thank you for reminding me to start decluttering those!

    1. I'm getting close to being completely rid of the plastic food storage containers - just a few left in the freezer!


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