Monday, February 20, 2012

57. baby, baby

What is it about babies that make so many women's brains shut off? I was trying to get my car back from the dealership after an oil change this morning when the cashier walked away to get my receipt from the printer and completely forgot about me when someone (friend? coworker?) walked up with a baby. After it became clear she'd completely forgotten that she was actually working, I had to interrupt... The receipt wasn't a big deal, but she still had my keys. lol Don't get me wrong, babies are cute and all, but sheesh - focus just a little. I think maybe I missed that gene...

Speaking of oil changes, do you know if the place you get yours done offers any discounts? Mine does. They have a deal where you get five oil changes (within a year) for less than I'd pay for three normally. When I bought the package, I was maybe 5 miles from the dealership. Now, it's sort of trek - about half an hr away. Makes a good excuse for a Trader Joe's run though since they're in the same general direction. =)

Today's items:
Random baby items I'd picked up but never gifted. I prefer to make something anyway, so off these go!

I also finally returned the unopened bags of cat and dog food that have been riding around in my car for probably a couple months (@ 50 lbs worth - one advantage to having a large vehicle, lol). I can't feed dry cat food due to one kitty's gastric issues with it and the dog food was just entirely too much food to have on hand for my little guy. I didn't have a receipt, but the store I went to today was happy to give me store credit - part of which I used to purchase new pots (compostable bamboo!) for my agave and its two babies and my spiny cactus and cactus dirt to repot them... and a big bag of cat litter... and I still have over $20 credit there! Since my other option was to either try and sell the bags of food on craigslist or donate it and the return is saving me money I would have otherwise been spending on necessary items, I'm counting this toward my cash total for the year.

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $513


  1. Well, I'm with you on the baby thing. I don't dislike them, but I don't abandon customers to coo over them either. Puppies on the other hand... ;)

    Unrelated to your blog, but related to what you do for a living, I am looking into medical coding as an alternative to what I'm currently doing. Have some questions if you have time to answer them...?

    1. lol I was thinking the same... if the woman had come in with a puppy, I'd have joined them in the cooing and not minded the wait!

      And sure, I'd be happy to answer any questions I can.

  2. get this straight. You don't have a baby or young kid yourself & you randomly buy baby/little kid stuff for people who may themselves have a baby/little kid.


    Quit buying baby/little kid stuff & go book yourself a vacation to the Florida Keys.

    1. Yes. Because even though I myself don't have kids, I do have friends and family who do. =) It's not that I have no one to gift these things to in the future, I just really prefer to knit/crochet gifts these days and have decided I don't want to keep storing things for later anymore so I can downsize. What I spent on those items wouldn't get me very far either - all of those items cost me about $20 combined. Wouldn't even fill my gas tank! lol


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