Tuesday, February 21, 2012

58. silver plated

Sometimes, you should just buy yourself flowers. =)
Even better when they're only $3.99. Gotta love Trader Joe's!

Today's items:
A rather beat-up glass loaf pan left by the previous owners (um, thanks?) and four china plates picked up at thrift stores that I never use. When I realized I'd rather wash the heftier stoneware plate I have than use one of these, it was clear they needed to go. Those ones on the left came as a set and the store wouldn't break up the set (even though it wasn't a full set to begin with, lol). I've kept the platter, the small saucers and shallow bowls (great kitty dishes!), but the teacups are long gone and now the plates can join them.

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  1. good tip about flowers at Trader Joes! Thanks!

    I agree that sometimes you just need to buy yourself flowers!


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