Wednesday, February 22, 2012

59. all charged up

Sold all the drawers yesterday! And had a nice chat with the buyer. Turns out she's a quilter with a sizable fabric stash that needed wrangling and those drawers will do just the trick. We chatted for awhile and made possible plans to hang out. You just never know who you'll meet. =)

Got some more errands done since work didn't pan out yesterday. There's just no planning this time of year. I'm nearly finished with my list finally. I even cashed in my change at a Coinstar kiosk at the grocery. I won't admit to just how long I've been carrying around an envelope stuffed with coins in my purse... but my purse feels downright empty now! I actually double-checked that my wallet was in there when I brought it in the house it was so light. lol I got just over $14 on an Amazon gift card... though now I'm sort of wishing I'd gone for the iTunes credit instead. Ah, well, I'm sure I'll need something eventually. First time I'd used one of those machines, but it was quick and painless and no fee when you put the money on a gift card. Much better than having to roll coins, though I think most banks have those change machines now too.

Today's items:
I knew I had one more extra battery charger! And now I know what that cord went to that I couldn't match up. I was convinced it was for a battery charger but couldn't locate another charger. lol I also found the a/c adapter for the CD player I donated months ago.

I also dismembered a houseplant this morning:
A Hawaiian Ti that "bugged" me. I got it on a really good sale, but notlong after buying it, realized I didn't like it so muhc once it was in my home. This plant was about 4 1/2" tall with leaves only at he top foot and a half and the cats started picking dirt out of the pot (hence the tape), eating it then yacking it up. Placed in front of one of the large windows in my living room, it was always in the way, had a bug problem, looked like crap and collected dust. I didn't love it enough to fight the bugs... so I chopped it up and threw it on the brush pile outside. I'm going to repot the stumps and see if anything regrows and have placed lengths of the stalk in water to root. Up until when I moved back to the Midwest a few years ago, I always had a ton of houseplants. Now, I have two cacti, this now chopped up plant and a large dragon tree... and it feels like too much. Maybe it'll feel better once I get things repotted.

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $540

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