Thursday, February 23, 2012

60. use it or lose it

After reading this blog post, I started looking around again to see if there's anything I'm "saving" for someday because it's too nice to use. This is something I've thought a lot about and have gotten much better about this since being around my mother. She has a strong tendency to hold onto things, not using them because she doesn't want them to get damaged or broken or used up and then no longer have them. She uses old chipped, stained coffee mugs for her tea so she doesn ruin the new ones. She loves coffee made in a percolator. She has a glass one... on a shelf, collecting dust. She won't use it because she's afraid it will get broken and then she won't have it to use anymore. Does anyone else see the flaw in that reasoning? Why not enjoy it today and if it does get broken someday, at least you enjoyed it rather than having it get broken after "saving" it all these years without ever actually using it?

As I've sorted and purged, I'm on the lookout for items I'm "saving" because they're too nice to use. If I come across one, I either start using it... or I get rid of it so someone else can use it and enjoy it. Life is too short to save things for special occasions.

Today's items:
SO close to the end of the plastic containers! I picked up two one-gallon jars for the flour and a two smaller ones to finish off the dry food storage. I even picked up a two-gallon glass jar for the dog food freeing up another bin for when I pack to move. I always wondered who bought those little bags of dog food... now, it'll be me! lol

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