Friday, February 24, 2012

61. in good hands

Have you ever donated something and then realized you maybe should have kept it?

I went to charge my bluetooth headset this morning and couldn't find the correct USB cable among the few cords in the small drawer at my desk. I apparently gave all of that type of cable away... oops! Then I realized my Droid used that same type of cord so I took the one off the charger. I switched back to a basic cell last Fall and have only used the droid to check email (via wifi) on a couple of occasions. So, I do still have a cable, I just no longer have an extra one kept in the living room on my desk. I immediately thought, oh I can buy another one for a few bucks next time I run errands. But really, do I need it? Isn't one enough? If something ever goes wrong with that one, can't I then pick one up from a store? Why do I need to store a backup? Short answer? I don't. I crossed that item back off my list.

Do you have something you're keeping as a backup... just in case?

Today's item:
I'm pretty sure this is another of those things my mother sent me. They stick to a window or wall and are bendable so they can hold an item. Yeah, never used them and don't plan to. Off they went to the donation box.

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