Saturday, February 25, 2012

62. the nose knows

Okay, who shook up the snow globe?

It's a wintery wonderland out there and really does look like I'm living in a snow globe right now. Weather's been hit or miss all winter here, some days warm enough you don't even need a jacket and then, days like today when you hope the dog doesn't need to pee very often. lol I think I'll hold off on errands today and make bread and start sorting the bookshelves again. I already shrunk my cookbooks from five shelves to three... but there are still a lot that can, and should, go. Expect a stack to show up here tomorrow!

Today's items:
A couple books I've read recently and a new neti pot. I picked this one up on clearance because it was cheaper than getting the packets alone but I don't need two pots.

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