Thursday, March 1, 2012

67. a little salty

A couple months ago, I culled the majority of my salt and pepper container collection, leaving just two sets. It's interesting how over time and working through this process, my idea of what I should keep changes. Two months ago, I decided to keep two of my favorite S&P sets... the cutest ones. Turns out that's not the best way to choose when you plan to actually use them. lol The stacking thing means I'm regularly picking them back up after a certain kitty has bumped them, knocking them over... and the salt tends to clog up so they're unusable even on the rare occasion when I do actually want to use them. I don't like pepper and practically never add salt to anything after it's cooked which is why it took me two months to discover the salt was clogged. heh

Today's item:
And then, there was one. We'll see how long those last.


  1. Oh my gosh, those ARE cute. I can see why they stayed. Someone else will love them, though, and if you don't even use them...

    I had posted a comment on your last post, too, but it disappeared.

    1. I noticed that! I got the email with the comment before blogger ate it at least. =) I've thought the same thing reading others' blogs - once in awhile I'll see something they've given away and think, ohh, I could really use that. lol

      My one remaining set of shakers is a set of moose I got while I lived in Alaska. The bull has a broken tip off one antler, but I still really like them. We'll see how well they work though to see if they get to stay. lol At least those were made locally rather than a mass-produced set like these.


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