Friday, March 2, 2012

68. cookies!

I haven't been making as big an effort as I probably should be trying to sell things as I declutter. I just don't have the patience to store things for long while I wait for them to sell. Once I decide to get rid of something, I just want it gone. Occasionally, I make an exception and it pays off.

Today's item:
Thankfully, this only took a couple days to sell on Amazon. This is one of the cookbooks I had in both paper and digital formats.

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $545


  1. LOL, I sold that very same cookbook along with the cupcake one also by Isa on Ebay recently. Anyways, when it comes to cookbooks, what's worked for me is to take a digital photo of the recipes I know I want from a cookbook - make sure the photo is readable - then sell off the cookbooks.
    I'm down to 2 actual cookbooks. I started out close to 40 cookbooks.

    1. I have the cupcake one for sale too. =) If I can get it at a good price and it's available (and has plenty of recipes I want), I'll go ahead and buy the ebook version rather than the print version these days. I usually wait until they go on sale. This was one I had in storage but got the digital version to use when it turned out I was gone so long. If there are only a few recipes in the book I want, I'll scan those and get rid of the book. Not sure I'll ever get down to two though!


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