Saturday, March 3, 2012

69. living in a vacuum

In my quest to rid my home of any unnecessary plastic, I'm realizing I have some things that once were very useful but now, just add to the clutter.

Today's items:
My FoodSaver vacuum sealer, several containers and other attachments finally sold on craigslist. Thanks to all the extra room I've discovered in my cabinets through this process, I was able to stash all of this on an empty shelf so I did give this setup extra time to sell.

A few weeks ago, I bought a smaller FoodSaver unit that is meant to seal those containers and the ziploc type bags (but no heat element for the rolls of bags). With a couple of cheap, small parts from the hardware store it can be easily adapted to seal canning jars with the attachment I bought to use with this larger unit though which is all I really want. Since I replaced the item with something so similar, I'm only counting the difference in the costs and what I sold for toward my total. Definitely counts as an item though with all those containers going too!

Total cash so far this year from decluttering: $575

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