Thursday, March 8, 2012

74. lucky

Apparently March is a good month for selling stuff. Who knew? I ended up selling not only the kennel I blogged yesterday, but the 2nd one just like it later in the day! Funny, I've had them both on craigslist for a couple months with a bit of interest here and there (but no buyers) and then sell them both in one day. lol The luck continued today...

Today's item:
A collapsible kennel I bought after moving to Spokane the first time. My lab mix loved his big hard kennel (as long as I left the door off, heh), but I had to sell it when we moved from Alaska and I bought this in the hope he'd like it as much... he didn't. Because it folded flat, it was easy to stash in the closet and ignore, then pack in storage, then stash back in the closet again when I moved back. heh Finally pulled it out and put it up for sale. An adorable little chihuahua will now no longer be trying to ride on her momma's lap in the car or escape out an open door when they stop and I have a bit more cash in my pocket. =)

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $672

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