Sunday, March 11, 2012

77. broken promises

Do you have ever have someone ask you to hold onto something but never come and get it? I have a friend who when she found out I was getting rid of things as I am, she wanted me to run things by her before getting rid of them. Let's just say, that's not happening.

Today's items:
I'm finally ditching the VHS/DVD combo that's been riding in my car for a few months now. That friend asked for this after I sold my tv last fall. It's been riding around in my car since just after Thanksgiving. I was working 80-100 hrs a week and she doesn't work but never came to get this freebie even though she's up my way fairly regularly running around with her coupon ventures. I have more free time now but I figure if she didn't want it badly enough to get it in that amount of time, she doesn't really want it so it's headed to Goodwill instead. She also asked for the little kiddie pool/pond thing in my yard... it's still in my yard. *sigh*

And one more cookbook sold! This was another one I use quite a bit but I had the ebook version too.

Total cash from decluttering so far this year: $688

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