Thursday, March 15, 2012

81. dog gone

I'm working on culling a bit more out of my closet this week and came across a stack of doggie clothes. lol Yes, my dog is spoiled and no, I don't dress him up regularly. He has a couple of handknit sweaters for the winter and a couple jackets/coats too. He also has a few (three I think now) t-shirts that are used only when necessary. They were great for covering stitches after his surgery this winter, but he had more than that. Yes, my pets have their own clutter.

Today's items:
Five cute little T's that don't really fit him (he's bigger than he looks!) and one larger t-shirt bought for my lab mix last summer. All have been added to the bag of clothes heading for Goodwill so they can be used for some other little doggies. =)

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